Souvenir Wood -Floor From Libby Prison – SOLD

From the Manager of Libby Prison after moving it to Chicago, A POW himself.


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This 2 1/2 x 2 1/4 inch section of flooring from the infamous Confederate Libby Prison, was either given or sold in Chicago sometime after the building was removed from Richmond, Virginia to the new location in 1889.

The old and original tag identifies not only the wood, but the name of the manager, John L. Ranson, who was himself a prisoner at Andersonville, Ga, the most despicable of all Civil War prisons. Ranson was a sergeant in the 9th Michigan Cavalry, captured in 1864, yet managed to escape in December of 1864; later becoming a 2nd Lt.

The Ninth Michigan Cavalry were a very busy unit in the Western Theater, and would later join Sherman on his march to the sea.

There is some writing on the reverse in pencil but can’t complete the entire note.

More information on Libby and Ransom can be obtained by following this link:

Great little gem of Civil War History.

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