1864 Pattern Early Indian Wars Light Artillery Enlisted Dress Shako


A super example of Light Artillery Headgear displayable for both Civil War and Indian Wars.

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1864 Pattern Early Indian Wars Light Artillery Enlisted Dress Shako, made by Horstmann Bros & Co., Military Goods, Philadelphia. The Horstmann firm by this name, (Horstmann Bros & Co. worked at the Philadelphia address from 1859-1893). Most of the Light Artillery shakos made in the just post Civil War and early Indian Wars were contracted with Horstmann, until the change of headgear to the M1872 Mounted helmet for cavalry and light artillery.

The appearance of the 1864 varied only slightly during its issue period in service. This one is all original, including the usually replaced red worsted wool cords and tassels. These are in fine condition with slight fraying in a few small areas, and soiling being the only issues. The large tassel at the left side of the shako, hangs on the mounting ring from a loop made running back through the tassel, and at times a brass spring hook was used to allow for a quick release to hang from the uniform when the shako was not being worn, and also notice a thin worsted wool loop is supplied here as well for the same purpose. The flaming bomb and plume socket are original and hold the horse hair plume with an original ring to hold the hair together, not allowing it to turn into a jumbled mess.

The brass insignia are both held firmly in place. All the brass furniture on the skako match in patina overall.

The pasteboard body is covered in a dark blue wool, and overall condition of the wool is excellent.  The leather crown, and lower body trim and duck bill visor are also in fine condition. The chinstrap is held in place by period issue general service vest (cuff) sized buttons.

A Horstmann Bros label is glued center inside on the crown, and the printed paper label shows some lose.  Sizing number “3.”  Sweatband shows a good deal of wear, but most it is still intact.

A great example, in fine condition and great color.

From the Robert Borrell Artillery collection.

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