18th Century Relics From Western Massachusetts

A few of these were found on the site of Deacon Ebenezer Sheldon’s Fort, Bardstown, Massachusetts.

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This a new little batch of dug items from Western Massachusetts, uncovered from a friend of mine who has a great knack for finding 18th Century items from well researched old homestead- historical sites. This lot consists of an old pocket knife, shoe buckle (about 2 1/4″ long), 2 shoulder belt plates, a stock buckle (broken at he hinge points, 2 grape shot, a spike that is hand forged (6 inches) that might be military, and a Georgian period flint pistol brass butt cap.

The spike and and pistol butt, were found near the site of Deacon Ebenezer Sheldon’s Fort, in present day Bernardston, Mass. The location is in Franklin County, initially known as “Falls Fight Township,” a frontier settlement founded by and for the soldiers who fought in King Philips War back in 1676. The fort was built beginning in 1738, by Sheldon and others against the Indians of that region.

In 1747, an attack by Indians was unsuccessful at the forts location near what is today known as Huckle Hill area. The dates seem to vary a bit, this coming from a posted historic sign in the area,

“1630 – 1930
The Lieutenant’s son Ebenezer,
later deacon of the church and
first town treasurer, built a
fort ten rods east of here in
1740/41. It was unsuccessfully
attacked by Indians in 1746 during
King George’s War.
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Tercentenary Commission.” 

The other items are from the northern Springfield area, and surrounding areas.  Some areas are dearly guarded and exact locations can’t be named.  The photos show condition.

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