1902 Full Dress General Officer’s Cap – SOLD



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After all the smoke cleared and the a definite pattern was adopted, this is what they came up with, the 1902 regulation general officer full dress hat. I have listed separate from this another transitional pattern for comparison.

This hat display lovely workmanship with an abundance of “scrambled egg” on the visor, and a tight pattern of the same on the blue velvet banding. The bullion on the visor is of a different pattern than on the banding in style and color. The banding shows a tow tone variety, with the stems  an acorns accented in a brighter bullion as well as on the eagle, creating rather a great look. I wonder if different parts of the hat was farmed out to other makers. Even the glory above the eagle has a different pattern I have not seen before.

The wool body does show mothing in a few areas, mostly confined to the crown, but not overly and does not affect the impact of the hat for display. Wear on the lining and mostly on the leather sweatband and visor indicates a fair amount use but not abuse. The maker is W. S. Clark and Co., Springfield, Mass.   The size label is a 7 1/8.

A great example of a scarce hat.

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