2 CDVs- Tennessee Camps Drawn By 9th Indiana Soldier.

Photographed sketches drawn by William H. Morgan, Private, 9th Indiana Infantry.

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These two sketches drawn by Private William H. Morgan, were photographed in his home town of Elkhart, Indiana in the Civil War era.  Although one has no back mark, it is likely that photographer, “J. Heddon” took both of them.

The top image is of the Camp at Blue Springs, Tenn., and encampment used by Union forces from 1863 to the end of the war, about half way between Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tn.  Small number written in the sketch mark the location of the units encamped there; troops of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 4th Army Corps, under the command of Colonel Grose, 36th Indiana Infantry.

In the second cdv, Morgan drew a sketch of the same 3rd Brigade, at Whiteside, Tenn., another camp very near to Chattanooga and the Tennessee, Georgia border. The same method of numbering the location of various camps is list on the reverse in period ink. Some of these camps are on the opposite mountain in Georgia (Raccoon Mountain, Ga.)

William H. Morgan enlisted as a private on March, 1862, mustered into Co. “A” 9th Indiana Infantry; re-enlisted on December 12, 1863, and remained with the regiment until mustered out in August of 1865. I believe his was in the 9th as a three month regiment, listed as a musician.

Condition is very good on both, some images I used a flash and they appear more reddish in tone, not the original color.

A great record of camps for these union regiments.

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