2nd Infantry & 3rd Armored Divisions Original Patch Art


Circa 1950 original art work in original framing; one signed by artist.

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These two framed patch/ artwork pieces came together, and belonged to an infantry officer who served in both of these units.  I apologize for not remembering his name.  The artist “Hellenga”  is not the officer in question.

Both artworks have a characteristic look about them, particularly the 3rd Armored Division patch with damaged treads, and mangled barrel.

Each piece of art is in a narrow black wood frame (11 x 14 approx.).  The patches are done in watercolor, with details done with pen.  The artwork is most likely laid down on 1/8 inch cardboard.  The frames show wear, loose at some corners, and loose on the back (the 2nd Division mostly).  Some rippling on the 3rd Armored.

Nicely done, and good looking.


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