6th Artillery Corporal’s Uniform Grouping- Battery “E”


This Corporal was in one of the two light (mounted) batteries within the 6th Artillery Regiment.

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6th Artillery Corporal’s Uniform Grouping- Battery “B” identified to a soldier with the initials “CUR.” He must have acquired from another soldier with the initials ” J.B.” also assigned to the 6th Artillery Co. E. The chevrons are regulation applied with the ends of the chevrons sewn within the sleeve’s vertical seams.  Dark blue denim lining, and quartermaster label inside on right sleeve lining but faint. A dress color has been sewn to the back of the inside collar.  Some of the coat buttons have been re-sewn, all of the cuff buttons were removed by an overzealous button collector at some point, but now replaced with all originals. A few moth holes, none of them significant.

The mounted trousers of the 1885 pattern were purchased through the Quartermaster as unfinished and this soldier had red piping around rear pockets, and watch pocket all with some accent stitching, corporal chevrons machine sewn on. Re-enforced seat quartermaster done. The hem of the trouser legs have had a wider flare, with some stitching broken on one leg. The adjustment brass buckle on the back waist maker marked, “H.B. & Co,”  Upper hook and eye and buttons in the fly, and all suspender button are present, plain black japanned types. Inside front lining has “CUR” written in, The name “Hester or Chester” written on the underside lining of pocket. A few moth holes, all very small, soiling at the hems, otherwise a super pair of trousers and quite rare!

The overcoat has a laundry tag affixed on the inside near collar with “CUR’s” initials. The coat is very fine condition with some mothing at the lower hem in the back and a few other places. The full lining is black wool, and a chain is present at the inside back neck for hanging.  Corporal chevrons regulation sewn into the vertical seams.  All of the hooks for attaching the cape are present. The cape is red lined wool, and has no sign of ever having the eyes for mounting on the overcoat. It would be held with the use of one upper button secured to hole. A few small moth holes not really noticeable. One coat button stitching broken and held with a mounting ring. Overall in fine conditon,

The 1895 garrison cap has the same “CUR” initials written in ink on the sweatband. 1896 screw back cap insignia, and complete with chinstrap, which shows use but in very good condition. Some of the stitching gone back 3 inches on left side. No mothing visible.

I have not tried to research this CUR character, but with only two companies being light artillery in the 6th regiment, and in this period, 1895-1902, they may be a good chance to find him. The 6th U.S. Artillery Regiment was organized in 1898. Two companies were sent to the Philippines.

Hard to find anything mounted in this period.





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