1850 Massachusetts Non-Regulation Officer’s Sword SOLD

Fabulous condition with gold washed blade, made for a Massachusetts Volunteer Militia officer.


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This pattern 1850 Non-Regulation officer’s sword is in essence the 1854 British Infantry officer’s sword.  The hilts are usually iron, as is the scabbard, both polished bright. The blades on the American imports are usually German made blades, marked “Iron Proof” and have other maker markings.

Departing from the norm, this sword features a basket hilt using floral vines instead of the usual federal eagle.  The grip is the typical sharkskin with twisted and straight wire wrap. The 32 inch blade retains nearly all the original bright polish and light gold wash.  On the left side panel are found a panoply of arms, and an American spread winged eagle between floral patterns. On the ricasso is the maker’s stamp, “W. Clauberg, Solingen.” The right side has a similar panoply- florals, followed by the motto, “Semper Paratus” which is the Massachusetts Militia motto, “Always Prepared.” Finally the etching on the right continues with a “US” and ends in another floral flourish.

The scabbard is one of the nicest I have seen on these non regs; a iron scabbard finished with a brown lacquer and furniture of polished brass (throat, ring mounts, and drag).

Iron surfaces on the hilt retain a smooth finish now having a lovely patina of grayish-brown color.

Only the slightest bit of wear, most of which is some chipping to the sharkskin under the pommel cap. The sword blade was a little loose and I had it tightened, which was professionally done.

There is no history with this sword, but is one of the nicest examples of the non-regulation sword you could hope to find.


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