Boeing Rising Sun Decals For B-29 Forts

Decals printed by Bowing Aircraft Co. for use on B-29 Bombers, dated July 1945, with letter.

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The original letter with these decals came from N.W. Ayer & Son Inc. a Philadelphia Advertising Agency that must have designed these for  the Boeing Aircraft Co. The letter is signed by Marguerite Krahenbuhl, an employee of the Ayer company, who is forward originally 24 of these decals to a Mr. R.G. Church of the Chrysler Corp. for use in an ordnance exhibit sometime in the summer of 1945.  The letter is dated July 27, 1945.

Boeing had these made to send to B-29 crews for use on their bombers in the Pacific, specifically the aerial bombardment of key Japanese homeland targets.

I originally had a good number of the 24, but sold them off many year ago, and just recently these two returned home.  Fun story; I was set up at the Show of Shows quite awhile ago, and was right behind me General Paul Tibbets, back to back along with his wife and manager. The manager bought a number of these decals from this lot for the general to sign. He was charging $20.00 a signature, and was signing everything.

The only ones of these I seen are the ones I have owned.

The letter has suffered a rough tear from the lower half, but not affecting the text. The decals are dry and have cracked in the middle, one was very weak at that point, and the other was in two pieces.  I have repaired the decals with acid free tape on the backs only, but these still need to be handled delicately.

Just a cool thing to have the decals for B-29s, both made by Boeing.

Super historical AAF memorabilia.

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