Boxed G.A.R. Final Encampment Badge, 1949 SOLD

In Pristine condition-owned by a well know Civil War Historian.


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This is probably one of the best examples for this “Last Encampment” badges you could hope to find. Not only boxed, and in pristine condition, but issued to  Argus E. Osborne, an Indiana historian, genealogist and former Sons of Union Veterans commander, mailed to him directly from the Commander-In-Chief of the Sons of Union Veterans.

The badge is still pinned to the original manufactures’s mounting card and was probably never removed. The box is largely in sound condition with a few minor issued such as some separation (1″approx.) on the lid, and the lid closure tabs have broken away from all the years of folding. The label and box lid contain a brief history about the badge: “This badge contains bust of Theodore Penland, Last Comdr. G.A.R.. He died Wed. 13 Sept. 1950, age 101.” And on the label; “The Last Badge of the Grand Army of The Republic, Indianapolis, Ind, 1949, Last National Encampment.”

Also within the box is a small red,white, and blue ribbon for the Indianapolis encampment for the same year.

Argus E. Osborne, as mentioned briefly before was a well known historian from Indiana, and is best known in the Civil War realm as the man who uncovered and purchased from the U.S. Government in the 1930’s, a huge cache of Civil War images that were held over from the U.S. Postal Officer “Dead Letter Office.”  You may have noticed some of them showing up from time to time; always recognizable by the small brass staple pins that were used to display in the post officer for people to be able to claim mail.

In a decade after the last encampment, there would not be one surviving Civil War soldier remaining; the last Union veteran Albert Woolson passing in 1956, and Walter Williams the remaining Confederate veteran dying in 1959.

I doubt there is a better one on the market today!

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