Cavalry Insignia & Captain’s Bars- Major C.J. Stevens

A remaining sampling of insignia belonging to a career cavalry officer who spent many years on the Frontier, and saw action on San Juan Hill, Cuba.

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This is the remaining few pieces of insignia that belonged to Major Charles J. Stevens, a career cavalry officer who began his service in the army upon graduation at the USMA Class of 1882.  Stevens spent most of his years in the cavalry with the 9th, one of the two black cavalry regiments then in the army.  During his year in the frontier, he was stationed at places like Fort Apache, Fort Robinson, and many more.  He went up San Juan Hill during the Spanish American War as a captain in the 9th, and shortly after was in the 2nd Cavalry, and with his promotion to major in 1907, Stevens commanded that post to December of 1908.  He retired at his own request after 30 years of service on April 3, 1909.

So, this group of insignia dates from the SAW (rank bars) to 1906.

The gilt insignia is unmarked, and is pin back with open catch.  The other is marked STERLING, and pin back as well.  Both are in fine condition.  His captain’s rank are the sew-on variety and are unmarked.

These were the few loose pieces that did not fit into the larger grouping that related to his service with the 9th Cavalry.

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