Western Holster for the Smith & Wesson American Revolver SOLD

Black Bridle leather holster for the S&W American revolver of the Indian Wars era


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It took a while to figure just what went in this great old holster.  Initially it had the look of a holster intended for the Savage Navy revolver, or similar shapes, but to no avail.  The normal Civil War large frame revolvers such as the Colt or Remington Armies just swam inside.  Finally, at the suggestion of another knowledgable dealer, I tried the Smith & Wesson 8 inch barreled American revolver.  It fit like a glove.

Made of quality black bridle leather, and sporting an odd shaped nearly full flap.  The body of the holster was made without the usual leather plug. The brass finial is rather large, but effective in keeping flap closed.  The narrow belt loop on the reverse is sewn and riveted to the body utilizing copper rivets. The loop will allow for a two and 1/4 inch belt, perfect for the standard U.S. military waist belt M1874.

Condition is very good with typical wear not abuse to the leather surfaces. Crackling and some chipping to edges. The interior shows that the revolver was used often.  Body length 11 inches.

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