CDV- Brigadier General MVM Benjamin F. Butler


Early war view of Benjamin Butler; note the cap wreath with “MASS” on it.

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CDV- Brigadier General MVM Benjamin F. Butler.

Benjamin Butler secured his commission as brigadier general of Massachusetts forces using political influence through Sec. Simon Cameron, and joined the 8th Mass Infantry when they left the state on April 18th, landing at Annapolis. The 8th and the 6th (who left on the 16th) were the first two regiments to answer Lincoln’s call for volunteers to put down the Rebellion.  He is seen in this image as a brigadier of the MVM.

Butler had several commands during the war; at New Orleans, where he was nicknamed, “The Beast” by seizing a woman’s silverware which brought about much anger from the locals. He also commanded the Army of the James later in the war.

Butler became the 33rd governor of Massachusetts in 1883 to 1884.

Photograph published by Anthony from a Brady negative. In fine condition.


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