CDV – Group of Well Armed 10th Mass Volunteers

Four 10th Mass soldiers, one identified, well armed with Enfield muskets, bowie knives and revolvers.


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The image has been cut down on the upper and lower edges of the mount; this may have been a Brady, “Illustrations of Camp Life” view.  The four soldiers in the photo are 10th Mass Volunteers, all holding Enfield muskets, federal accoutrements, and holding one to either a bowie knife or revolver. The two men standing on the outside have bowie knives, the kneeling soldier has a small revolver tucked into his waist belt. The soldier standing at center is identified with an “X” and is Franklin D. Hamilton, who enlisted as a 19 year old teamster, from Greenfield, Mass in June of 1861. He was releases from service on a disability discharge in 1862, He then enlisted in the 28th Mass. and would later be wounded at Cold Harbor in June of 1864.

Taken with the camp in the background. A great shot showing uniforms and accoutrements.

From the Michael McAfee Collection.

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