CDV of Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th Cavalry – SOLD

Black Cavalrymen At Parade Rest at Southwestern Fort.


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This carte de visite was taken at a post in the southwest United States circa 1876-79. The image is identified to Company “G” 9th Cavalry, Samuel E. Pencer.

The twenty-nine NCO’s and privates including three company musicians (in the rear wearing forage caps) make up the company with 2 officers standing before them. The barracks are those at Fort Garland, Colorado; the buildings and these trees are there today. The uniform is the pattern 1872 full dress for cavalry. Having done a bit of research I know that these Buffalo Soldiers were at Fort Garland for the 76-79 period before moving north and taking part in the Ute Campaign.

Coming up with information on this soldier could prove to be difficult, as records for these soldiers in the Indian Wars period are sketchy at best.

Photo quality is good; soiling, toning, general wear, overall however, a scarce and respectable image.

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