Civil War Buff Waist Belt & Cap Box

Standard Infantry Buff Belt with 1839 belt plate, and a Gaylord made cap pouch.


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This regulation 1851 Buff waist belt is in un-issued condition with its original brass belt keeper attached.  There is a sub-inspector oval stamp on the belt , but very difficult to see. The matching condition 1839 large belt plate with arrow shaped mounting prongs is also unmarked, still retaining a good percentage of original luster. The blackened buff color with age has turned like all of these belts found today, a dark brown color, that for the most part is uniform. There is some staining as soiling that shows up on the natural leather color on the inside leather.

The cap box is made by Gaylord, Chicopee, Mass. The flag leather is fine along with most of the leather, with exception to the upper belt loops , and wear along the high spots and edges.  The wool fleece is gone.  Condition wise, a perfect match for this belt.

A nice set, and way under the money from where these were only a few years ago.