Converted Cap Box To Metallic Cartridge Pouch-Pattern 1875

Getting harder to find Model 1875 pistol pouches with embossed US flap.


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This modification of the standard issue Civil War cap box is the Pattern 1875 Pistol Cartridge Box. These modifications were performed at the Watervliet Arsenal, using up surplus accoutrements from the Civil War and with slight changes, adapted for metallic cartridge use.

The inner flaps of the cap boxes were cut away, and wool fleece is nearly all intact.  Two small sections of leather were sewn down on the sides to prevent any loss of cartridges, and finally the outer flap was embossed with the “US” in oval.

The leather is sound, and in fine condition overall. At some point something was attached to the flap and two small holes remain.  A little work can eliminate this I belive.

A very nice example to display with the various revolvers in use by the Army at that time: Colt (Richards), Remington conversions, Smith & Wesson (American), Colt Single Action Army, Schofield revolvers.

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