Horstmann Staff & Field Sword With Heavily Curved Blade. SOLD

A gorgeous example of a Horstmann assembled sword for a higher ranking officer.

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This is a gorgeous example of a Horstmann heavily curved staff and field sword, with wonderfully etched blade, and retaining most of the original gilt finish on hilt, blade, and scabbard mounts. The scabbard has a deep, rich browned steel, with some minor light old surface rust and grim that comes off with every swipe of oil.

*For reference, and your convenience, I am using John Thillmann’s, “Civil War Army Swords, A Study of United States Army Swords from 1832 through 1865,” page 329.

Unlike most staff and field sword, this blade resembles more of the curvature of an artillery officer’s sword blade. The hilt is regulation style, with “US” with the foliated double guard, dark sharkskin grip with original triple wire wrap (two outer narrow straight wire with a center heavy twisted wire.

The finely etched blade in exceptional condition appears to follow an earlier model Artillery officer’s blade with cannon prominent in one of the panoplies. The 31 7/8 inch flat-back blade is etched along the flat with leaves, several panoplies with florals.

Unlike other Horstmann blades, the company name is not etches but stamped on the ricasso “HORSTMANN & SONS,” and on the other side, “PHILADELPHIA.”

Still attached is the original bullion knot with loosened outer tassels, in fine condition as well.

A real looker.


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