Indian Wars Period Winter Fur Hat – SOLD

An Indian Wars era private purchase fur cap Circa 1880-90’s period.


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I do not believe the fur is muskrat, and has a richer, darker color resembling mink, but may very well could be muskrat. The construction is extremely similar to the U.S. issue pattern muskrat cap for winter use. A satin brown strap attached to each ear flap is a bit larger than on issue pattern caps.

The interior is finished in a bright red wool lining almost identical to that used in the canvas issue hoods.

Condition is fine, with some stitching giving way on the right side at the junction of two fur panels. A period repair is found on the right brown satin strap near the ear flap. The interior is exc.

A high quality cap, worn by officers, frontiersmen, and the western gentleman of the later Indian Wars Era.