Massachusetts April 19, 1775 Minuteman / Governor John Brooks Commission


Massachusetts April 19, 1775 Minuteman / Governor John Brooks Commission

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John Brooks a Reading, Mass Minuteman, who answered the Alarm of April 19th, 1775, leading his militia from Reading to Lexington and Concord, America’s’ first day in its war for Independence. This document is a Massachusetts Militia commission appointing Christopher Dyer, Jr. a captain, dated 30 May 1821.

Brooks signed the document beneath the Commonwealth’s seal. The reverse is signed by a justice of the peace witnessing Captain Dyer taking his oath to defend the Constitution. The commission is in excellent condition.

John Brooks (May 4, 1752-March 1, 1825. He was a doctor, military officer, and politician, becoming the 11th Massachusetts Governor in 1816-1823. Brooks served under General Washington in New York and New Jersey during the 1776 campaign, taking part in the siege of Fort Stanwix in 1777 and the second Battle of Saratoga. He was in Newburgh, NY during the conspiracy there; the near mutiny of the officers in the Continental Army. Much more information on Brooks is available on the internet.

Included is his Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the American Revolution history of service.


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