Infantry Officer Shoulder Tabs For 1898 Khaki Coat


Manila made 2nd lieutenant of infantry shoulder tabs with great high relief bullion eagles.

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Although unmarked to maker, these shoulder tabs for an infantry officer were made in the Philippines, and most likely in Manila.  There is no evidence of any rank bars on the tabs, thus worn by a 2nd lieutenant. The gold bullion work in creating the federal eagle insignia is done in a high relief, and typical of Manila craftsmen. Done on medium blue wool, then sewn down on khaki cotton material.  These do not have a stiffener.

“Nicholls” made locking hooks are sewn to the back for attachment to shoulders.  The general service buttons are no the originals, and are added for the ‘glitz’ factor.

Few small areas of mothing, and light tracking, but still very showy.

The length of these is near five inches long; these varying ever so slightly in length do to these made up in advance and then paired up when purchased on or off coat.

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