M1835 Socket Bayonet With 1839 Scabbard & Militia Frog.

A great example of a Model 1835 bayonet with militia scabbard and frog, adapted for waist belt use.

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M1835 socket bayonet for this model musket as well as the 1840, and 1842 muskets. First pattern socket bayonet with the locking ring.

Overall length is 20 5.8 inches with a blade of 17/5/8 inches, and the socket being 2 5/8 inches. The only marking is the stamped “U S” on the blade.

All in fine plus condition with light brown patina on the socket and elbow; the blade showing most of the original armory finishing marks and polish. Only a few minor blemishes, and small areas of the most minor of pitting.

The scabbard is a high quality M1839 pattern with with long retaining hook. Leather scabbard shows letter wear and would as excellent, with some minor mid stress creases. Overall length is 19 inches.  No markings.

Attached to the scabbard is a militia frog adapted for use on a waist belt. The leather shows wear mostly on the edges, with creasing and crackling of the surface finish overall. A different type of leather than that used on the scabbard. Original finished with a glossy finish, most of which remains.

Period of use most likely 1850’s into the Civil War years, perhaps longer.

A fine example.