M1872 Enlisted Forage Cap – SOLD

An original pattern 1872 forage cap with added, early lead/pin backed Co. “K,” 3rd Infantry cap insignia.


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This is a very nice example of the Model 1872 forage cap. The cap has no visible contract or inspector markings anywhere to be seen.  It is all original, with exception to the original M1875 3rd Infantry cap insignia I added to complete the look.

There are no moth holes that I can see, but just the slightest bit of moth tracking that is hard to see. The leather chin strap and side buttons are in great condition. The lining is about the best hoped for.  All of the original stitching his holding the sweatband in place.  At some point, and by the age, it would appear that a veteran got a hold of this cap and placed some insignia on the crown how it was worn during the Civil War.  That was removed by the last collector. The holes made by the new insignia is more visible inside than out.

A super example.

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Weight 1 lbs