“My Story” By Anson Mills


A great biography of a military officer, inventor and business man.

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MY STORY, By Anson Mills, Brigadier General, U.S. Army. Edited by C.H. Claudy, Published by the Author, 1918, Press of Byron & Adams, Washington, D.C.  First Edition.  Soft boards, 412 pages, well illustrated.

Anson Mills was commissioned into the 18th U.S. Infantry in 1861 at the beginning of the Civil War. He saw four years of hard fighting in the western theater and then after the end of hostilities move west with the regiment to the northern plains and the beginning of the Indian Wars era.

While stationed at Fort Bridger, Dakota Territory (present day Wyoming), he began designing new cartridge belt for the two companies of infantry he commanded there, which eventually led to his applying for US patents for a new cartridge belt, then ultimately establishing his world known Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Co.

There is a good deal more here worth the read. A must if you collect Mills equipment; this is where it all began.

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