New York State Militia Eagle Plate, 1840- 50’s. SOLD

Refer to American Military Belt Plates, by O’Donnell & Campbell, page 252, plate 397.

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New York State Militia Eagle Plate, 1840- 50’s. Die struck plate with a spread-wings eagle atop the globe, indicative of New York insignia. Present are the original tongue and bar holding the iron belt keepers. The plate has an even bronze colored patina, and shows silver plating in protected areas on the reverse.

There was a flaw in the production process, and the thinness of the metal at the point of the thicker and wide border and where the space above meet.

Not a dug piece, but shows signs of mishandling over the years with small bends, dings, etc.  Overall a very pleasing appearance, and a scarcer type of plate not commonly seen.

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