Old Veteran of the 53rd Ohio shows his wound – SOLD

Asa Jenkins was wounded at the Battle of Ruff’s Mills, Ga.


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Asa Jenkins was a 24 year old enlistee mustering into the 53rd Ohio Infantry on September 30, 1862. At the Battle of Ruff’s Mills, Georgia on July 3, 1864, he was severely wounded in the shoulder and later discharged from the army as a result.

Later in life, Jenkins posed for the photograph to share with family and others the terrible wound he suffered during the war. Having seen many of the wounds from battle in the Civil War in period photographs, and considering their medical procedures particularly in field hospitals, it is incredible how many men survived and still had the ability to function somewhat normally throughout their lives, while sadly many did not.

These photos represent a rare glimpse of what combat in the Civil War could do to the human body.

There are some folds and soiling in the images, but still have very good photo quality. One photo is annotated on the reverse.


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