Photographs Of Marine Pilot & Aircraft Etc In Nicaragua- 1928

Images of MOH recipient Christian F. Schilt, taken during the Nicaraguan campaign, and other officers and aircraft.


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Photographs Of Marine Pilot & Aircraft Etc In Nicaragua- 1927.  This is a sampling of 6 images from a much larger collection of photographs taken by Marine Corps photographer, Harold B. Stauffer, attached to the Brigade Signal Company.  His first enlistment began in 1926- 1930, and he received the USMC Marine Good Conduct Medal #88340, and the USMC Expeditionary Medal M No. 728.  During his first enlistment he photographed marines in varied dress, gear, training, policing, monitoring elections (Nicaragua), and much more. The over all group covers China, Port au Prince, Haiti, and with this small group, Nicaragua.

One of the pilots that flew in Nicaragua, was Marine Lieutenant Christian F. Schilt, attached to Observation Squadron 7-M. While there, he was awarded the Medal of Honor during the insurrection at Quilali, Nicaragua, on 6-8 January, 1928.  He had volunteered to evacuate the wounded and air transport a relief commanding officer to assume charge of a very dangerous job. Many marines had been killed and wounded, (Schilf flew several out on ten occasions, landing and taking off on a rolling street in a burning village, under hostile fire.  Schilt had a grand career, retiring as a 4 star general, one of the first USMC aviators to receive the MOH. He retired after 40 years of service in WWI, Haiti, Nicaragua, WWII, and Korean Wars.

Two photos show him in the cockpit of his plane and standing beside it.  Other images show various aircraft being used by the Marines in Nicaragua, such as large Fokkers pictured on the landing strip, and a sea plane.

One photo shows an ox cart used by the marines to haul dirt to fill in holes at this same landing strip. I don’t know the names of the pilot and other marine officer seating on the cart.

Each of these measures 5×7 inches and are in fine condition.  No annotation on the back of any of them images.


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