Piece of Oak From U.S.S. Constitution


Simple marked in period ink, “From Old Constitution.”

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As “Old Ironsides,” officially named U.S.S. Constitution still remains in Boston, her home port.  How much of Constitution is original is in question as most believe the percentage lies at less than 10%.

A good deal of souvenirs have been available on the marked since the 1927 restoration project began, with a large array of items made from the old history frigate.  Pieces such as this small section are somewhat commonly found with little effort, but surprisingly get gobbled up as quickly as they surface.

Priced moderately for the simple piece it is, this part of the hull or structural component measures 85mm in length.  The dark colorization of the wood on the back side suggest it is originally the outer surface.

A neat old piece of wood with a great history.


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