Telescope- Range Finder- Crimean Era. SOLD

A quality patented item made for France and abroad.


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Wonderfully made is this hand held telescope/range finder of the Crimean War era. The instrument is five inches high and 1 3/4 inches wide on the lower section, and it expands to a max width of 2 inches. Constructed of brass, leather wrap on the grip section and a silver panel that acts as a gauge for determining distance using military figures on foot and horseback.

The focus knob is marked, “NAPOLEON III    LONGUE- VUE, BREVETEE  DE FRANCE, ET A L’ ETRANGER.” Translation may be, “Spotting, Napoleon III, patented in France and Abroad.” There is a provision made by the use of a  bar on the underside, that is set in flush with the base for attaching a lanyard.

The condition is fine with the optics probably needing cleaned. There are two dust covers provided on the opposite side of the lens.  The original leather is showing good wear, with chipping and cracking. It is dry and should be either conserved or replaced by a good leather restorer.

I would think this is a scarce item. From the Second Empire period.

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