WWI Army Service Corps Patch & Insignia From Uniform – SOLD

This lot consists of all insignia from a badly mothed uniform for a Army Service Corps sergeant.

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I agonized over this lot for a spell; whether or not to leave the insignia on the uniform or cut if off.  Bottom line was the coat and trousers were so badly mothed, that restoration costs would kill any profit for me, and too much investment on your part in the forlorn hope of making a respectable look of it.

We are left with a French made Army Service Corps patch, (a variant without the letters “A.S.C.” embroidered on it), all embroidered on wool, with a bullion border; cross stitched onto the uniform wool. If it looks wrinkled is because it just came off a uniform in that condition.  The sergeant stripes, overseas stripes, were made by the same tailor.

The ASC and US discs are French made as well, both in fine plus condition. A Victory ribbon bar, with wear spots on one edge, and all of the American made buttons complete what came off the coat.  The matching overseas cap made in the same wool, is included with mothing on both sides, but not as bad that a little work can remedy a good deal of the problems (have included a bit of material to do the job- from the uniform).

There was no identification as to the soldier.  Still a great representative grouping as is.

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