WWII “SAVE FOR VICTORY BANK, With Period Steel Pennies -SOLD

A Kids Bank with a good handful of Wartime Steel Pennies.


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This cardboard and glass bank was probably made for children, but could have been used for anyone. The patriotic cardboard is 11″ x 7″ and has a bowed glass bank with more patriotic images of Uncle Sam and Abraham Lincoln seated as in the Lincoln Monument on the inside. American flags are draped on either side with “SAVE for VICTORY, BANK” printed around the circular bank face.

There are at least 30 wartime steel pennies within the bank. they are loaded from the top . There is a section of cardboard that I believe was used as a belt loop, and three small holes above that which must have held a hanging loop for mounting on a wall. I don’t see a maker name just partial patent markings, and instructions for loading and unloading coins.

There is wear to the edges, soiling and staining, but I believe a scarce item, our first one encountered after years of seeing Homefront material from World War 2.