1830’s Militia Officer’s Silvered Eagle Curb Bit SOLD

A great example of horse accoutrement from pre Mexican War days.


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A bit such as this one, was probably used by an officer of cavalry and or infantry, being silvered.  This pattern associated with militia, could very well have been used by a regular army officer as well.

Made of iron, and plated in silver, this bit has no markings to indicate the maker.  It is well constructed and quite sound with the entire bit being one piece including the eagle cheek pieces.  No copper was used to coat the iron prior to the plating, but the silver plate is sufficient enough to have held up in service for a good time.  The iron shows pitting, heavier in some spots, which has caused the plating to lift, but fortunately most of the plating survives.  The silver has been cleaned only slightly to show the definition of relief used on the eagle cheek pieces.

A most suitable display item, and a scarcity in style and condition.

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Weight 2 lbs