1834 Ames Officer’s Sword & Rare Sword Knot. SOLD

Ames manufactured 1834 pattern officer’s sword with sword knot of the period, possibly used by an artillery officer.

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This 1834 officers sword made by the Ames Sword Company is very similar to the General Officers type, and was worn by infantry, artillery and ordnance officers. The all gilt sword features a boat shell guard with a beaded knuckle-bow, and the same design repeated on the edges of the guard.  A two piece silver grip simulates finely wrapped individual wire. Overall the remaining gilt finish is approximately 90 + percent.

The 32 inch straight blade with a single fuller that runs nearly the entire length, is finely etched with several military motifs, including a wide open wreath the “U.S.” in the center, an American eagle above that towards the tip ( a pattern that repeats on both sides), panoply of arms, flags, etc., and one etching of crossed cannons that may indicate this sword was intended for an artillery officer. The “N.P. Ames/ Springfield” mark is in another etched scroll panel.

In most cases this pattern sword used both mounting rings, and a stud for carrying, but this example has only the stud for use with a leather frog that would have been suspended for the belt. These never was any rings on these scabbard mounts.

The blade is in fine condition with some thinning of areas of the frosty etching, and a light sharpening to the blade edges more toward the tip (see photos). The washer is gone.

Scabbard leather is complete but the thin nature of the leather and mis-handling over the years has caused a stress crack several inches above the drag.  There are stress cracks in the leather, and the sword should be removed for viewing by firmly holding the upper mount and leather simultaneously, in a vertical fashion then drawing the blade upward, preventing any weight to further weaken this leather. There is a simple thin wooden length of wood and plastic ties that us provide for shipping and handling purposes to protect the scabbard.

I have a period officer’s sword knot that I have added, these being rather a scarce item to find in any condition. I will sell sword and knot together at the stated price, but will separate if the buyer of the sword prefer, otherwise they will at present remain together.  (without knot deduct $400.00).

A great looking sword; a pattern that saw service from prior to the Mexican War and including the Civil War era.




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