1851 Colt Navy Holster- Lower Canada Militia Use SOLD

Lower Canada Colt Navy holster marked inside the flap to the company.

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This Lower Canada holster was found in a home recently in Athol, Massachusetts.  The holster bears the markings inside the flap, “LC/ E/ 34.” It is made with an alligatored finish on the surface; a strap that is fastened from behind over the flap.  There is a piece of leather that was applied sometime after its manufacture, but certainly a long time ago, and acts as a shield to protect the flap leather from the hammer of the revolver.  Some of the stitching was torn when found and the seam has been restored.  The holster still retains the original plug.

In 1858 the Canadian Government purchase 800 London Colt Navies for the Upper and Lower militias.  Lower Canada (Quebec Province) is where this holster was issued to a cavalryman who was issued the Colt with the same numbers marked on the grips, as well has other issue equipment and arms.

The weapons show up somewhat regularly, but accoutrement for them very seldom.  This is a very good example to match up with its original revolver that likely is still “out there.”

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