1872 7th Cavalry Cap Insignia-BENTEEN’S “H” TROOP SOLD

George Armstrong Custer’s 7th Cavalry!


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This 7th Cavalry cap insignia came to me at a show in Pennsylvania just recently, out of an old collection, but without any provenance; and what a shame because this insignia bears the company or troop letter “H” that was commanded by none other than Captain Frederick W. Benteen. I would dearly wish to make the claim that this cap insignia came from one of the members of that company, such as Henry Mechlin, a Pennsylvania native and recipient of the Medal of Honor at the Little Big Horn, Montana Territory.

A smooth even patina covers the surface of both the crossed sabers and the company letter. The letter is applied with the mounting wires soldered to the back of the letter and then those ends loop through the scabbard rings and then are soldered as well. The reverse side is untouched for an expert repair where the pin bar became loose and the patina on the pin was affected slightly giving the metal a brighter finish.

The practice of looping these letters loosely to the main insignia was short lived and the letters were attached to the back side of the sabers from then on. These first pattern insignia are very hard to find today.

I admit I am pricing this for it’s scarcity and might be! A definite historical association to Mechlin or any other trooper in the 7th Cavalry would be in the 4 figures!

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