1872 Staff Officer’s Chapeau- Made by Warnock & Co. SOLD

Nice condition staff chapeau in its original tin.


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U.S. Staff Officer’s Dress Chapeau in Tin, Pattern of 1872.  Made by Warnock & Co., New York; name stenciled on inside lid, and embossed in gold on the lining in chapeau. Shows little use, and overall in excellent condition. Just some wear to the underside of the beaver felt along the lower brim of the hat. Gilt is strong. The end knot in gold bullion has unraveled and been flatten by the lid being closed down on it in times past which a good deal of this can be repaired.  Lining shows some light wear, label inside is very good +.

No size, but probably somewhere in the size 6 3/4-7/8.

USPS Priority Mail  $18.00