1899 Tropical Coat Artillery Officer’s Shoulder Tabs SOLD

Made In The Philippines During The Insurrection.


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This shoulder tabs were purchased by an artillery officer while stationed in the Philippines during the Insurrection. These were made to be worn on the new 1899 tan tropical coat, and usually are made in Manila, at least that is what you see most of these labeled; this pair is not maker marked.

The gold bullion work is wonderful, and in excellent condition. The rank can sometime be embroidered on as well as this standard eagle insignia for officers, but these pair were intended to be used with pin-on rank, certainly a cost saving measure if one was expecting promotion.

The buttons are just standard enlisted general service pattern, merely to fill a void. The correct button would have a gilt finish and an “A” in the shield (not too hard to obtain).

The red wool has some mothing in a few areas, and the photos show the problem areas clearly.

Not commonly found, and an handsome set of insignia.

USPS First Class Mail $4.00