1912 Pattern U.S. Engineers Undress Uniform – SOLD

Identified 2nd Lieutenants Coat and hat


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This is a situation where I had a 1912 pattern undress coat and pants with no hat, and a hat without uniform. Each component is named to a different officer, both I are U.S. Engineers. The coat is identified to 2nd Lt. Kenneth S. Jones, and the hat to “Baker.”

The coat is of a fine blue wool serge in fine -excellent condition with some mothing below the rear left shoulder blade, and some fraying to the mohair trim on the front of the coat along the vertical trim, but minimal with the exception of one small area, other wise it is about as nice as you could hope for. The “US” and Engineer castles are original to the coat; the US’s are sewn on types, the castles are pin-on.  The shoulder straps are very nice with just slight toning to the bullion. Made by “ARNACOST” Army & Navy Co-operative Co. The trousers are in excellent condition with hardly any noticeable wear; and accompanying the trousers are the original suspenders, hardly ever seen with the uniform went found.

The hat is one of the nicest examples I’ve seen, and can’t imagine finding another better. Made by A.H. Dondero, Inc, Washington, D.C.  “Baker” is written on an applied paper tag.

I have no info on either of these officers at present.

Now, I am selling these married components as a group, but will separate for the first interested party wishing to buy either of the two. If you buy the set remember, I AM SELLING A MARRIED SET. They just look to good together. The hat is 1920’s period, and the coat is dated 1916. Since the pattern of the coat was worn into the early 30’s it is most likely for these two pattern components to work together as only the hat would be upgraded by regulation. A second lieutenant in 1916 may very well be a captain at best in the mid 20’s.

Oh, almost forgot, I have had to repair the stitching on some of the loops on the right collar “US” insignia, as it was about to run away.

Individually Priced: Uniform coat and pants & suspenders…$450.00

Full dress hat…………………………………….$375.00


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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 12 in