1st & 3rd Armor Patched Ike Jacket – SOLD

Super 1st & 3rd Armored Ike Jacket complete and named.


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A very interesting ‘Ike” jacket is this one. Identified only as being owned by “KIRK,” we can see by the busy nature of the various insignia that Kirk was first assigned to the 3rd Armored Division that landed on Normandy and fought the entire war in Northern and Central Europe before going into occupation until late 1945. With only a couple of campaign stars, Kirk must have been a late war replacement coming into the line with the division during the Ardennes and Central Europe campaigns.

The 1st Armored Division patch signifies his current unit, yet he maintains the distinctive unit insignia of the 32nd Armored Regiment which was always part of the 3rd Armored.  I can only assume that Kirk joined the 1st due to a lack of points thus not allowing him to return home with many of the older veterans of the 3rd Armored. The 1st Armored had fought in North Africa. Sicily and all through the Italian campaigns, and it is here in northern Italy that Kirk joined the 1st.  This latter unit would move into Germany to perform occupation duties about the same time or later than the 3rd Armored that were soon to depart for the states.

This grouping consists of an Ike jacket, trousers, shirt, tie, 2 overseas caps, and 2 waist belts.

The Ike jacket has a contract label dated May of 1944, and is embellished with the current unit patch for the 1st Armored Division. The patch is a super machine embroidered on wool  and machine sewn to sleeve. The other patch on the right shoulder is an Italian made silk and bullion bordered 3rd Division patch with machine embroidered tab “Spearhead” which Kirk must have purchased while in Italy. The DUIs are pin back, US made 32nd Armored Regiment crests, on lapels and one on the dark gaberdine theater made armor colors piped overseas cap with a third DUI of the same make. US made clutch back disk are worn above.

The ribbons displayed are the Good Conduct Medal, EAME (Europe, African, Middle Eastern) Campaign Medal with two campaign stars, and the Army of Occupation (Germany).  Kirk rank of Technical Sergeant are sewn to each sleeve. His service overseas is indicated by the three overseas bars on the lower left sleeve cuff. The trousers are in excellent condition like the jacket, and the wool shirt is very good with a few small moth holes (no patch).  The tie and overseas caps are fine, with only minor wear and soiling.  The buckles on the web waist belt are the standard solid brass type and the other is an open iron square buckle.

A great looking jacket! The Italian made 3rd Armored shoulder sleeve insignia is a spectacular specimen.

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