200th CAC Philippine “Bataan Medal.” SOLD

Give by the State of New Mexico to their soldiers who served in the 200th CAC in the Philippines.

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The Bataan Medal was awarded to the soldiers from the State of New Mexico who had service specifically with the 200th Coast Artillery Corps on Bataan in the Philippines, who either died fighting or surrendered to the Japanese Army and were part of the Bataan Death March.

The medal reads,  “Awarded to the gallant New Mexico soldiers fighting for their country with the 200th Coast Artillery (AA) on December 7, 1941 by their state.”

These medals were awarded to the veterans who returned home or the families of the fallen received them.

Along with the medal is a officer’s collar insignia for the 200th CAC. The insignia is clutch back and made by ACID TEST.

Condition is excellent on both pieces.

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