88th ID – Extremely Rare Military Police Company DUI-1st Pattern

Different in shape and using red enamel predominately instead of the later green.

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88th ID – Extremely Rare Military Police Company DUI-1st Pattern.  Different in shape, collar, and use of numbers and words where the later insignias are green enamel with just the crossed flintlock pistols displayed. The word at the top, “IUSTITUS” translates to Justness or Justice. The division insignia is beneath the MP insignia and bears the number of the division. A white banner is added below the division insignia, an MP color, and finally the motto at the bottom, “FIDELITAS -PER OMNES – HONESTAS,” Faithfulness, Honesty, For All.

Why the change? May have been the drag time in getting these made, and there is no heraldic green (and yellow-use of brass), normally used by the Army’s military police.

31mm high.

Very good -fine condition.  Just not the same quality as seen in other insignia of that period.  No pin. No hallmark.

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