Albumen Photo of USMA Band – SOLD

The West Point band in full dress uniform.

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This is a Civil War era albumen photograph of the United States Military Academy Band.  It came with a good sized group of similar views, along with West Point buildings and scenes, as well as some cadets and military officers, etc., all from the Civil War years.

The image is cut in oval shape and like others were unmounted that were intended on being placed in cadet yearbooks.  Multiple images of various scenes and people were kept on hand for the cadet’s personal choosing for his yearbook.  The band, professors, other scenes as well as classmates are always found, but each has its singular look.

This photo is approximately 8 inches long x 5 3/4 inches high.  It has a great look, and ideal for framing; only when viewed at an angle in light are a few flaws visible (blotches of dark paint touching up a few problems with the image, whether it was done in the period or after I don’t know- looks to be done much earlier).

A great shot of the band in their dress uniforms, with the typical wide array of instruments. Note the short drummer boy; it appears that the drum is about half is size.

Sharp image.

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