Baxter Print- Massacre of the Rev. J. Williams – SOLD

Done in 1841. Scene is the Pacific Island of Erromango.


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The Reverend John Williams (1796-1839) was a South Pacific missionary. He was originally from London.

His missionary work was very successful until he visited an island in the New Hebrides where he was not known. Williams and another missionary James Harris, were massacred by cannibals on the Island of Erromango during their attempt to share the Gospel with the natives, in November of 1839.

The print measures 8 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches approximately. The print has been trimmed from the original mount. There is some chipping to print on the edges, other wise, very good color and subject matter.  This is Baxter’s No. 82B done in 1841.

George Baxter (1804-1867) is regarded the inventor of color printing. Besides his prints, his was well known for doing his color illustrations for many books, needleboxes, etc.

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