Blue Militia Cheesebox Canteen With Linen Sling


War of 1812 canteen, possibly earlier, with black painted rings on each side.

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This blue cheesebox canteen was found in Broome County, New York.  The entire piece is painted in blue.  On each side is a black painted ring which may have contained some number or letter, but now worn away.  Three piece construction held together with nails.  3 leather straps or guides are nailed to the hoop for the shoulder sling. There are signs under the newer linen sling, that one of leather was originally used, which caused rubbing and paint lose in this area all round the circumference. The stopper with thin iron loop, attached to cork, has a much earlier look than those seen in the 1840’s- Civil War era.  The stopper is connected to a brown twine link that is looped around the near sling guide.  I believe the stopper and sling are from the 2nd period of use, perhaps in the 1830’s, the first period, in my opinion being Circa- 1800-1820.  Note the nails used are a more crude type box nail.

Paint is worn in the sides. Sound construction. 7.5 inches high.

Seldom seen with slings of any type.

Great example of a canteen with a long period of use.

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