C-1870-90 Wool Baseball Jersey and Cap – SOLD

A great Baseball uniform in fabulous condition.


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This wool jersey and ball cap came together, but the team and location are unknown. This is a baseball uniform from the 1870s through the 1890 era from what I have been able to determine.

The jersey is constructed of white wool, with what appears to be a vegetable ivory or celluloid of a tan color, that closely matches the golden tan used to make the English style “U.” The bib with the team letter would come off to expose a 3 button front. There is some mothing, but light. I have black lighted the jersey and found only the button hole trim on the upper left corner of the bib having been replaced.

The cap is blue wool, sewn in 6 sections, and a lining of black linen.  The un-functional chinstrap or embellishment is made of blue wool trimmed in black stitching, now faded to a greenish color.

Hard to find early baseball material in the uniform category these days, and I was thrilled to have found and offered it.

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Weight 25 lbs