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CDV photo of the Queen and John Brown.


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THE LIFE OF QUEEN VICTORIA AND THE STORY OF HER REIGN  A Beautiful Tribute to England’s Greatest Queen in Her Domestic and Official Life.  And Also The LIFE OF THE NEW KING, EDWARD VII. BY Charles Morris, LLD.  Published by W.E. Scull, 1st American Edition, 1901.  Hardcover cloth with applied photo of the Queen, 574 pages, well illustrated.

Condition of the cover is very good, with light wear, more on corners and edges. Good tight copy. Photo on cover on the weak side.

The cdv of the Queen and John Brown was photographed by G,W, Wilson, Aberdeen, and taken at Balmoral in 1863.  In the image, John Brown (1826- 1883) is holding the reins of Gillie, the horse on which the Queen is mounted. Condition of the image is very good as is the photo quality.

Talk circulated for years whether there was a romantic relationship between the Queen and Brown, but nothing has every come to light to substantiate those claims.  There is no doubt that she held him in the highest regard, for during a most trying time for her after the lose of Albert, Brown was one she could totally depend upon. Victoria’s children were very unhappy with the unique relationship, but when you can’t feel someone’s pain, others have a limited capacity to understand the true feelings, reliance and friendship their mother sought.

When Brown died in 1883, the Queen said wrote in a recently discovered letter, “that life for her the second time is become most trying and sad to bear…..”

Royal portraits, and official photographs are great, but I believe the Queen might have preferred this over the others.  A nice historical lot.

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