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16th PA Cavalry, later assigned to the U.S. Telegraph Corps.


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On the morning of April 3rd, 1865, Major General Weitzel, accompanied by William King Applebaugh and other union troops were the first to enter the confederate capital. Private Applebaugh was the first union telegraph operator to enter the city and sent the message to Washington, at 8:30, “We took Richmond at 8:15 this morning.”

Applebaugh was 21 years of age when he enlisted on Sept. 1, 1962 as a sergeant, then mustering into Co. “F” 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry on the 18th of that month.  He would transfer out on December 1, 1864 to the U.S. Army Signal Corps (which he refers to as the Telegraph Corps),  He had attained the rank of Sgt. Major in the 16th PA Cavalry, but when entering the Signal Corps was reduced to the rank of private at his own request.  I believe that Applebaugh was making more money that a typical sergeant as a telegraph operator, so he obviously choose to make the money without the responsibility.

Included with this lot are photocopied research of his pension records, and some of his exploits from The Military Telegraph During The Civil War In The United States. William R. Plum, Chicago 1882.   describing some of his other service during the war.

The image shows Applebaugh in a four button sack coat, and tarred linen cover on forage cap. The reverse is wonderfully signed and includes full unit and date, “Wm. King Applebaugh, U.S. Mil. Tel. Corps, A. of James, Feb. 5/65.”  Photographed by Hall & Judkins, Near Headquarters, 24th Army Corps.

A very historic and desirable image; very good condition with rounded corners.

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