Civil War Era Medical Staff Sword & Belt – SOLD

Imported sword, unmarked blade, with the original officer’s sword belt with duel upper straps.

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This Model 1840 Medical Staff sword with its 27.5 inch elliptical with fine etched panels is an import, and unmarked. Retaining most of the frosty etching and bright finish, the blade has “Medical Staff” on one side, and “E Pluribus Unum” in scroll, with florals completing both side etchings. Some very light scratching, but overall an excellent condition blade.

The hilt is highly ornate with each side having spread winged eagles in oval panels, acanthus leaf and other florals. The acanthus bud capstan screws off to allow disassembly (in three sections), and the cross guard showing similar design, extends outward from shield shaped langettes. The front shield (which is more ornate than the other) has applied silver English letters “MS.” Gilt remaining is approximately 90% plus with some minor darkening in a few tiny areas.

A gilt brass scabbard has an upper decorative double ring mount, a lower single ring mount of similar design, and a drag following suit with the same florals. One side upper extension of the drag has broken away, missing about 1/4 of an inch. Most of the original gilt remains with typical small scratches, and slight discoloration to gilt from handling in places.

With the sword, came the medical officers sword belt.  When found, the belt was in need of repair to several areas, where the leather has seen abuse from time and poor handling. I did some repair work to the few areas that would not allow handling, such as an opening on both side of the belt near the buckle (hanger side). The only thing holding the belt together was what leather remained intact on the back side. The long hanger showed similar issues and I took care of the worst, were it will hold fine. Some minor restoration wouldn’t hurt, but the belt will display very well now with the sword. One of the leather slides (closest to the buckle has back stitching popped).

There is some age crackling to the leather overall, general wear and age typical of most found. The 1851 eagle buckle has a nice quality high relief look, the brass belt slides for hangers have some embellishment in the form of checkering with central diamond shape., and hangers all have there brass snap swivels. Note the second matching hanger in front so that the sword will hang straight.  I have taken a section of wood, wrapped in black wool to hold the belt in present shape to make it safer for handling. I don’t want to make the belt sound like its coming apart, just another measure to help preserve it.

No history unfortunately, but a wonderful example with belt the original belt.

Overall length is 35 inches.

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