Civil War Federal Issue Tarred Haversack -SOLD

Has the original canvas bread bag.


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This is the typical Federal issue tarred canvas haversack used by Union soldiers during the Civil War. They were made of thin tarred canvas with an integral flap that was held down by a single strap and buckle. The shoulder strap is made of the same material and sewn to the bag. Three tin buttons are sewn to the inside of the main bag for use securing the inner white canvas or bread bag. This haversack carried most of the soldiers daily needs; hardtack, meats, tobacco, ┬áhis personal items such as shaving, sewing and writing materials, etc, all the “possibles” needed for the campaign.

The condition of the bag is fine with just normal creasing from other items being placed on it over a period of time. I don’t see any holing, very little lose of the tarred surface. Some wear to the closure strap leather. Some tarring has adhered to some sections of the inner bag due to excessive heat. ┬áSome small pieces of paper have adhered to the outer surface as well and will clean. Otherwise a super example.