Colonel Edward M. Offley, U.S. Cavalry SOLD

Collection of items from 1899 to 1840.


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A-1899 Appointment, Corporal, 1st Cavalry, Fort Meade, SD.

A-1900 Appointment, Sergeant, “, Fort Yellowstone, Wy.

A-1901 Appointment, Sergeant, “, framed

A-1901, 2nd Lt., Cavalry, William McKinley

A-1901, 2nd Lt., Cavalry, Theodore Roosevelt

B-1912, Capt., Cavalry, Woodrow Wilson

B-1914, Major, Cavalry


1921, Major, Cavalry

1921, Lt. Col., Cavalry

1932, Colonel, Cavalry


A-2 cabinets, 1900, Fort Meade, SD, Sgt Offley

A-Small framed photo of Offley as either EM or NCO

A-1 cabinet, same as above, nicely id’d

A-Large unframed imperial sized photo, officers of cavalry

A-Framed photos, 2 of Offley as an NCO, one as 2nd Lt.

A-Troop F, 2nd Cavalry, Fort Clark, TX, 1902

A-Troop F, 2nd Cavalry, Fort Clark, Tx, 1902 mounted cav.

A-Watering Horses, 12th Cavalry, Los Alamos, Fort Clark 1903

A-Officers cabinet of the 1st Cavalry, 1906, all named.

A-Framed photo, 1st Lt., Camp Stottenburg, Philippines, 1908.

A-Cabinet of 1st Lt., Camp Stottenburg, Phil, 1908.

Photo of Colonel Offley, 1930’s

Small framed photo tinted glass, Col. Offley, 30s.


A-General Orders, 1908 Cuba

WWI booklet, To the Homeward Bound Americans.

A-Roster, Troop G, 1st Cavalry, 1901.

Certificate “Daughters of the American Revolution for Mary Offley



Diaries for 1911 through 1917. Very informative, many well known named mentioned, interesting details.

Journal of Military Service, 1899-1918. A great overview done by Offley

Engineer Field Manual, 1912, ID’d, 1st Lt., 1st Cav.

Cavalry Drill Regs, 1916, Id’d, 18th Cav.

Field Message Book, WWI



A-1895 Undress coat, 1st Lt., 1st Cavalry collar insignia

1895 Undress coat, Colonel, plain Cavalry collar insignia.

1902 pattern Evening dress coat , Colonel of Cavalry.

Officer of cavalry trousers.

1920s Lt. Col., 2nd Cavalry, DI’s, Gen.Staff collar insignia, ribbon bar, Span   War/Mex border/WWI.

1920s Khaki cotton, 2nd Cavalry Lt. Col., Numbered collar insignia, 2nd Cav., ribbon bars (same as                                 above),  pinned on 2nd Cavalry Division patch.

1930’s Gaberdine Colonels, service coat, ribbon bar with PH/SpW/MB/WWIVictory. 2 shooting medals.

Full dress Cavalry field grade officers hat.

1930s, service dress visor cap.

A-Tin cased cav dress belt

A-Tin cased 1902 shoulder knots.

1872 Cavalry/Mounted Officer Saber


A-1902 garrison belt with saber hangers, .38 ammo pouch.

1904 curry comb


A-Brass spurs, no straps, earlier


Watering bit


Framed medals, PH, Span War, Mex Bord, WWI Vict

Box with mini medals

Philippine knife

A-2 pair of 1st Cav officer collar insignia

1 pair of plain cav collar insignia

1 pair bullion cav collar insignia

1 pair of bullion 1st cav insignia

single colonel of cav shoulder strap.

Framed EM-NCO 1872 pattern chevrons, etc.

Framed 1872 1st Sergeant Chevrons.

Large Framed son in service flag

More as I pull it together, this being the most of the collection.

Edward M. Offley Record of Military Service.

 He was from Hamilton, Virginia.
Jan. 9, 1899.   Enlisted at recruiting station No. 82, W. Madison St., Chicago, Ill. for Troop G, 1st U.S. Cavalry; Capt. Wainwright. He was 19 5/12 years of age. Enlisted by Captain G.S. Burns, 1st Cav.
Jan. 13, 1899.   First duty station was Fort Meade, South Dakota.
July 19, 1899.   Appointed Corporal.
May 2, 1900.     Appointed Sergeant.
June 4, 1900.   Appointed 1st Sergeant. Sent to Fort Yellowstone, relieving Troop M; then to Fort Snelling in August.
April 23, 1901.   Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant of Cavalry, transferred to 12th Cavalry; joined regiment at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
Sept. 5, 1901.   Acting Regimental Adjutant. Fort Clark, Tx.
July 5, 1904. At Fort Reno, Oklahoma, then back to Clark.
July 24, 1907.   Promoted to 1st Lt. at Fort Sam Houston.
Dec. 5, 1907.   Left San Fran for Philippines via Hawaii.
Jan. 4, 1909. Left Philippines, via Japan, Hawaii, to San Fran., to Walla Walla, Washington.
July 29, 1912.   Back with 1st Cavalry, Vancouver Barracks.
At various post in California and Panama through to 1916. Back with 12th Cav and transferred in 1917 to 8th Cav. Fort Ethan Allan, Vermont. On June 12, 1917.
Oct. 15, 1917.    Assigned to 308th MG Battalion, 78th Division, and began to organize the unit. Then left Fort Dix, NJ for England.
Commanded 308th MG Bn., 78th Div. in WWI.
Returned to cavalry assignments after the war, and retired in 1941, Prior to the beginning of WWII


This material was sold off by the son in the 80s-90s. The person I obtained this material from made it a mission to reassemble as much of the collection as possible. The WWI diary, a few uniforms, and 1902 sword were retained by the son, but connection with him was lost in the 90s.  Condition on the material is overall very good to fine. Photos may show obvious flaws. The letter sent with the two German shoulder tabs, is missing the page that mentioned how they were obtained by Offley.  The last collector had the missing page and continues to look for it. The 1872 sword in not identified, and the blade and gilt finish on hilt, etc, shows a good deal of cleaning over the years by family.

There is no material from WWI but the Record of Service and a journal covering his time in England-France prior to the Division being called to the front in the late summer of 1918.











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